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Mermelada de Tomate, Thanks to Christina!

A long time ago (late 60’s) in a land far, far away (Spanish Harlem), my aunt made…Mermelada de Tomate (Tomato Marmalade)!  No one really liked it, but I was intrigued and fell in love with it. When I asked my aunt many years later, she said she had tried a recipe at whim but did not have the recipe not remember the procedure.

I once found a canned version by Conchita, whose products I normally like, and tried it excitedly, only to throw it out as is was vile. This was obviously one of those things you had to make at home.

Lately, with some help from a good friend Christina (http://lacocinadechristina.blogspot.com) I’ve been experimenting and think I’ve come close to the memory. She had not heard of it but suggested:

Do you think it was fresh tomatoes with sugar? If so, try a two cup tomato to one cup sugar ratio. Place in a sauce pot and cook over low for two hours. That’s how I do the mango mermelada. Let me know.

My first thought was “No way, too simple”. For the first hour and a half I was sure it was a distaster, looking more like chunky tomato soup rather than anything I would have for desert. But the last half hour magic happened and it changed consistency and color and started resembling my memories.

Thanks, Christina!


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