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The Scarlet Pumperpennny Gets a Mac

2010/12/28 1 comment

A friend of mine just received a MacBook Air for Christmas. I thought this may be an interesting opportunity to follow someone through learning the Apple way which is so “easy an intuitive”. She would probably prefer I not use here name, so I’ll call her the Scarlet Pumperpenny.

Scarlet is a very intelligent lady. She currently uses computers (Windows) heavily throughout the day and has done so for many years. She uses a desktop at work but has a personal laptop so she is no stranger to varied sized keyboards, mice, and touchpads.

She emailed me a bit worried that she would have trouble using it. I immediately replied that she would have nooooo trouble at all based on the consistent plaudits I’ve heard from the Applerati over the years and my own experience learning Macs. Certainly if she could handle those clunky PCs, the Mac would be effortless to learn.

Looking forward to her first story!


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