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Math Really can be Beautiful

2010/07/21 1 comment

What do you get when you plot the roots of polynomials using different colors for each degree? Incredibly rich artwork! Thanks to Dan Christensen for producing them and John Baez for making me aware of them. Don’t know either one, but managed to bring some joy to my day!


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Haiti Six Months After the Quake

2010/07/15 1 comment

Haiti was in our thoughts right after the quake. While time may have moved it from the forefront of our consciousness, Haiti is still in dire straits. Only about two percent of the rubble is cleared. Read and see more at

Remember how long it took to get back to normal after the hurricanes in Florida and Louisiana. Remember that was with USA sized resources. Imagine trying to tackle a disaster with Haiti’s resources. Help is still needed.

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Now THIS is a Swimming Pool

2010/07/08 1 comment

While I don’t  normally go for “ostentatious”, the infinity pool  at Marina Bay Sands development in Singapore is astounding, as the architecture of the building itself is engrossing.

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