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Charlie Brooker on the iPhone

Charlie Brooker (@charltonbrooker) just made a series of tweets about the iPhone that were so good they need to be saved for posterity. I wish I had his ability to capture the essence of a humorous situation in so few words.

(read from bottom up as on Twitter)


# Aw, I’m just messing, fanboys. I’m sure it’s lovely. I don’t know whether to buy one or wait until one gets issued to me by the government.     half a minute ago  via web

# Hey, maybe some of those factory workers tried ringing the Samaritans but couldn’t get through because they were holding it the wrong way? 9 minutes ago via TweetDeck

# You’re right, fanboys. It’s a fuss over nothing. It works perfectly well if you lie it on a desk and jab at the screen with your nose. 14 minutes ago via TweetDeck

# Fret not, left-handed iPhone users: Apple will solve the issue by forcibly injecting your brain with a new OS that turns you right-handed. 17 minutes ago via TweetDeck

# Next week: Apple unveil a toilet you can’t sit on. 30 minutes ago via TweetDeck

# This whole iPhone 4 antenna issue reminds me of Steve Martin inventing ‘Opti-Grab ‘ spectacles in The Jerk. 30 minutes ago via TweetDeck

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Help the Little Haiti Community Garden

My good friend Jessica let me know about the fundraising efforts of the little Haiti Community Garden here in Miami.  Miami has the largest Haitian community in the US and the recent tragedy there has hit home here. The vision of the garden is children working with their families in their lots to grow edibles and to serve as another focus for community sharing.

Read up and click the link at the bottom. Take a few minutes to vote and help these people get the funding for a great project.  –Al-


Subject: Hi! It’s your old and dear friend Jessica, asking you the read this and then vote for the Little Hai

Love a good underdog story? Then vote for the Little Haiti Community Garden!

Do it…take an action…be part of something GREAT. We are up to 241 votes! That is only 301 votes away from being in the running to qualify for $25,000 in grant funds! Do you know what the garden could do with $25,000?! Holy Moly! How about start changing the economic, community and food landscape of a neighborhood in desperate need, that’s what!

So do it now. Do it because it will feel good! Do it because you believe in community! Do it because you like gardens and green spaces! Do it because the devastation in Haiti still breaks your heart, and you understand how it affects the Haitian community in Miami! Do it because you are a good person! Do it because you like kids and flowers and trees! Do it because it takes like 30 seconds, and what else are you doing right now?!

Do it because clearly you are my friend, and because true friendship means more than just ambient awareness on facebook. Friendship is real. So take a real action and vote for this garden.

I mean sheesh! 301 votes=SMALL POTATOES, especially when you think about how facebook has HALF A MILLION registered users. 301 votes is EASY. You eat 301 votes for breakfast, and then ask for more!

We can do this if we all vote for the Little Haiti Community Garden. We can do this if we share this link with our friends and empower them to vote for the garden too. Gotta love the beautiful efficiency of viral communication, especially when the cause is just so RIGHT!

June 15th is the deadline, So let’s see how fast we can get those votes! Be a part of this! Fight for it! Step up and DO SOMETHING GOOD TODAY!

Besides, it’ll make you smile, and then I’ll make you some cookies.