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The Art of Owen Freeman

I was reading this piece –“The Terrorist Next Door” — in the New York Times this morning about the car bomb in Times Square. But what caught my eye was this interesting illustration of Times Square done in a semi Cubist style in shades of gray.  It didn’t look so much a newspaper illustration as a neat work of art.

I saw the caption was for “Owen Freeman” and decided to look him up.  What a cool set of illustrations! His stuff looks on the face to be plain old illustration, but the pieces  capture your attention and make you look into them deeper. The one in the Times article made me stop reading the article right then and there and go look him up before finishing the read.

Since his work is for periodicals, most of them tell a story in a single image. But he does such a great job of that. This one , “Clapped“, tells about the punch that brought the man down. The dark, almost black, color and the “scratches” on the “print” set the mood of the fight. The red splotch of blood on the fallen man’s barely visible face, and the trace of blood on the attacker’s knuckle tell of the ferocity of that one punch that brought him down, the red standing in sharp contrast to the gray of the rest of the picture.

Take a look at some of the rest of his work. Very worth a peruse.




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