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So What Is This Blog About

Good question. But probably one without a good answer.

I’ve been running a couple of other blogs for fun. And those do have an answer to that question. They had focus. You could say “this blog is about x” even if it was more my personal view on the subject than anything else.But I’d sometime have something I found interesting,but which did not fit the blogs. And so I threw it away. So I finally decided I needed a blog about Al. Specifically, I needed a blog that could be about whatever the hell I wanted at any point in time. And could even use the word “hell” if I so chose.

Sometimes it might be tech. Sometimes it may be social issues. Sometimes it may be about windsurfing. Ya just never know. But pull up a chair and sit a spell. Might turn out to be fun!


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  1. Fernando
    2010/04/15 at 4:17 pm

    Hmmmm you beat me to it – as usual! Congratulations… I too will follow .. we neeed to spread the words

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